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ACTIO Notebook Diary DESIGNARE is a business daily planner with a patented new function that allows you to smoothly transition from one page to another. A weak point with conventional analog planners was the hassle when moving through the pages, especially the fact that the weekly and monthly schedule pages were far apart. The DESIGNARE is unique in that while it is an analog planner, it takes only one action to move between the weekly and monthly schedule pages.
The specialized function features three structures: perforations at the top right corner of the weekly schedule page, inverted color index and back-of-the-book index. By taking advantage of these structures, you can navigate the pages simply and conveniently. In addition, legibility of written notes is improved through excellent layout design for ideal writability and visibility as well as using carefully selected paper to prevent ink bleed-through. The book binding is also designed for easy flat opening on the desk and durability. Planner book binding is a specialized and complicated process, but the company made commercialization possible through proprietary development of the specialized function and overcoming issues of mass production and huge increased cost. The business planner pursuing ultimate usability will support the skills improvement of all business persons.

EDUL Design CO., LTD. (大阪府大阪市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


7 colors total
– Indigo
– Yamabuki yellow
– Pink
– Red
– Navy
– Camel
– Matte black

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JPY3,537 (excluding tax)