The luxurious medicated lotion is made from two types of 100% pure distilled aromatic water, without adding extra water. Also known as floral water or herb water, distilled aromatic water has properties similar to essential oils while being safer so can be used by anyone from babies to the elderly.
With a focus on highly absorbent texture and high density of the distilled water, the product is made by blending undiluted rose water and lavender water in a 1:1 ratio, which is then added with an abundant amount of high-quality plant-derived beauty extract.
After many prototypes and much trial and error in pursuit of an optimal formula that is effective for leading to beautiful skin while being gentle, the medicated lotion was finally developed. Prevention of dark spots, acne and dullness, which are some of the major skin problems, can be also expected.
While many products for dark spot and acne treatment available on the market are formulated with chemical ingredients that can cause skin problems, this lotion is made 90% of natural ingredients, making it safe for use by people with sensitive skin.
Actyfree Co., Ltd. is a small cosmetic manufacturer founded in 2008. Through effort to reduce advertising costs as much as possible, the company has been focusing on improving the ingredients and quality to offer good products that are irreplaceable which make you want to use every day.

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120 ml

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JPY4,500 (excluding tax)