Anno-imo Potato Pie / Murasaki-imo Purple Potato Pie


Anno-imo and Murasaki-imo are brand-name sweet potatoes grown in the warm climate and rich natural environment of Tanegashima island, located in the south of Kagoshima Prefecture. The “an” paste made from these potatoes are wrapped inside pie dough, and baked into exquisite pastries. Anno-imo is known for its creamy sweetness, and the variety used in this product is Anno Kogane, which has one of the highest sugar contents of Anno-imo and is moist and flavorful. The Murasaki-imo pie uses the locally grown Tanegashima Gold, one of the sweetest Murasaki-imo varieties. Cut into each pie to uncover the colorful sweet “an” filling in yellowish orange and purple, matching perfectly with the flaky pie crust. The pastries are the most popular product in the shop, and have even been selected for the First Class dining in Japan Airlines domestic flights.
Founded in Tanegashima in 1927, the shop has specialized in sweets making featuring local produce such as Anno-imo and Murasaki-imo, as well as brown sugar and Tanegashima raw milk. Only carefully selected ingredients are used, and additives and preservatives are eliminated. Enjoy the proudly created sweets bringing out the wonderful natural flavor of the ingredients to the fullest.


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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


2 types total
– Anno-imo Potato Pie
– Murasaki-imo Purple Potato Pie

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‘- Set of 10 (5 each of Anno-imo and Murasaki-imo) JPY1,852
– Set of 15 (5 Anno-imo and 10 Murasaki-imo) JPY2,778
– Set of 15 (10 Anno-imo and 5 Murasaki-imo) JPY2,778
– Set of 20 (10 Anno-imo and 10 Murasaki-imo) JPY3,704
*Quantity in each set can be adjusted
(All excluding tax)