WANOWA Mizuhiki Band

NB CO., LTD. (Tokyo)

This is a multipurpose rubber band with a “mizuhiki” ornament, which is a traditional Japanese art form of knot-tying. Mizuhiki is commonly used to decorate congratulatory envelopes used in the Japanese tradition of offering monetary gifts as well as for tying the paper that is wrapped around gifts for special occasions. It is one of the traditional crafts of Japan that uses colorful cords made by twisting washi paper that are either dyed or wrapped with gold or silver thin paper. The cords are tied into various knots and each has a particular meaning.
Mizuhiki knots have been traditionally associated with ties between people and therefore are widely used for different occasions including celebrations as well as a ceremony to commemorate the deceased. In recent years, mizuhiki has spread beyond its original purpose and used in a wide variety of ways such as a material for accessories.
WANOKA was born by combining this time-honored craft with an elastic band so that people can appreciate the beauty of its intricate design in various ways in their everyday life. Made to last for a long time, each of the authentic Mizuhiki decorations is handmade by skilled artisans.
The product comes in six colors, each band combined with a mizuhiki of a matching modern color, which is tied with lucky motives such as “Matsu (pine)” and “Ume (plum)” or pretty flowers like “Tsubaki (camellia)” and “Fuji (wisteria).”
It can be used easily as a band for notebooks, for gift wrapping, or to fasten eco bags, etc., transforming your daily life richer while helping you connect with loved ones by expressing your delicate care.

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2023 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Four mizuhiki designs
– Matsu
– Tsubaki
– Ume
– Fuji


Six colors
Blue, Pink, Red, Purple, Beige, Green

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JPY650 (excluding tax)