K-iwami pochette

K-iwami (Murataya Co., Ltd.) (Shimane)

This pochette shoulder handbag from “K-iwami” women’s bag brand was brought to life by fusing Japan’s latest technology and traditional craftsmanship. The bag is made of a fabric woven with cotton threads and “Kamino-Ito®,” a new type of natural paper fiber developed using hemp grown without pesticides. It offers excellent features such as lightweight, durable and rubbing resistant. Finished with water-repellent coating, it keeps water out while being breathable. The fabrics are decorated with “Edo Komon®” patterns by Mr. Ryuichi Nakajo using traditional dyeing technique, then hand-sewn by skilled artisans.
The product tag is exclusively made by Mr. Masao Kawahira, master craftsman of Sekishu Washi, a traditional paper produced in Shimane Prefecture that has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage.
The fabric does not fade from the sun’s rays and the “Kamino-Ito®” fiber used is designated Oeko-Tex® Standard, Class 1, the most stringent globally recognized regulations for baby textiles. It has been also certified organic by German’s CERES that sets strict requirements.
The pochette shoulder handbag is easy to take things in and out and has an inner pocket. It becomes a beautiful clutch bag without the leather strap. A true mixture of old and new Japanese technology, the bag is also safe, organic and eco-friendly.

K-iwami (Murataya Co., Ltd.) (島根県益田市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Three types
– Japanese Gavel
– Boat
– Magatama


Bag: Three colors
– Navy with uroko (scale) pattern
– Turquoise blue with arare (dots) pattern
– Deep ochre with silver sakura pattern

Leather strap: Six colors
– Gray
– Light Green
– Beige
– Ivory
– Camel
– Orange

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY33,000 – JPY35,000 (all excluding tax)
– Japanese Gavel JPY33,000
– Boat JPY34,000
– Magatama JPY35,000