Hanafu Organic Cotton Kids Funties

hanafu CO., LTD. (Ehime)

Fundoshi is a traditional Japanese undergarment similar to loincloth. This product is a fundoshi-type underwear for children made with soft double gauze fabric, developed for children with sensitive skin that can be irritated by conventional underwear. Funties do no use rubber on the groin, and the rubber at the waist is also loose so there is no constriction. The rubber band length is also adjustable. The surface and the side touching the skin is made with 100% organic cotton double gauze. Children who are actually wearing the Funties have loved the product, commenting that they are very comfortable and that it is the only underwear they want to wear. The company handmakes each item with care, with hopes that children will be able to live every day in comfort. In addition, the Premium Kids Funties were developed entirely with organic cotton for even more sublime softness.
The company hanafu is operated by mothers who are currently raising children, aiming to realize a sustainable society by valuing what is friendly for the body and Earth. The products are also delivered with minimum packaging to reduce plastic waste.

hanafu CO., LTD. (愛媛県松山市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


2 types total
– Kids Funties
3 sizes (S, M, L)
5 colors (Pink, Purple, Lime yellow, Mint blue, Navy)

– Premium Kids Funties
2 sizes (S, M)
1 color (Off-white)

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- Kids Funties JPY2,900 (excluding tax)
– Premium Kids Funties JPY3,600 (excluding tax)