Bushcraft Knife Prominence MH-001


This knife is not just an outdoor knife. This is a craft knife specialized for making a fire for camping. Since the founding of KOBAYASHI TOOL in 1966, the company has been manufacturing professional tools for craftspeople on an OEM basis. Based on the technology and experience cultivated in industrial tool manufacturing, the original brand “Muthos Homura” was launched in September 2022, specialized in outdoor and sports equipment. In addition to these knives, the company is developing excellent fireproof and comfortable camping wear.
Most of the knives on the market generally have a double-edged blade; however a certain amount of skill and experience are required to chop firewood (batoning) and to cut branches into starter (ignition) branches (feathering). These are the essential part of outdoor activity. “Bushcraft Knife Prominence MH-001,” which has asymmetrical blade (design registered: PAT1683276) was created based on the desire to provide a knife that even beginners can fully enjoy when making a fire. One side has a smooth round shape and the other side has a straight blade shape. This blade combination is especially suitable for “feathering.”
As asymmetrical blades cannot be made with conventional manufacturing methods, KOBAYASHI TOOL’s proven skills truly stand out. The company achieved a new hybrid manufacturing method that requires the full use of 3D machines, such as 3D-CAD design and 3D processing, with delicate polishing finish work by artisans. The blade, which is made from high-strength special stainless steel, has the perfect hardness and toughness as well as outstanding durability. It is not only practical, but also represents a true craft product. In addition to the main body that harmonizes metal and wooden handles, a knife case made of Tochigi leather and a display box including a paulownia box are also included. The product can also be displayed as an interior decoration that KOBAYASHI TOOL is very proud of.


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2023 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


One type
– Right-handed

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JPY35,000 (excluding tax)