2023 Special

Kofun Gyoza

Tsumuha (Osaka)

Tsumuha is a specialty store that produces handmade and additive-free gyoza, or Japanese potstickers/dumplings. What makes the store unique is the gyoza’s shape that resembles an ancient tomb, which was inspired by the Mozu-Furuichi, a cluster of several ancient tombs including the world’s largest Emperor Nintoku Kofun in Mozu City, Osaka, where the store is located. The large group of kofun, which spreads across the three cities—Sakai, Habikino and Fujiidera—located to the south of Osaka City, was designated a Cultural World Heritage Site in 2019.
With the aims to enliven Sakai City and convey its charms to the world, Tsumuha created this unique gyoza in the shape like a keyhole having one square end and one circular end, known as “zenpo-koen-fun,” in hopes of bringing smiles to people while satisfying their stomach.
The moist and juicy ground meat used for the filling is made from high-quality lean meat of domestic pork blended with fat. The locally-sourced cabbage is cut into an optimal size for bringing out its sweetness and is not drained to preserve its flavor and texture.
The wrappers are made by blending various types of flour to achieve a texture that is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, while being thick enough to be satisfying. Each gyoza is packed with flavorful filling, which is wrapped by hand in the store. The original dipping sauce is also being made in the store using soy sauce from Daisho, which has been producing soy sauce for more than 200 years in Sakai.
Kofun gyoza is being well received for its unique shape, which can be a wonderful gift or souvenir that can also serve as a great conversation starter.

Tsumuha (大阪府堺市)

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2023 Special Distinction Award (Judges' Choice Award (Europe & North America))
Genre: Food/Drink


Two kinds
– Kofun Gyoza (punchy taste of garlic and black pepper)
– Kofun Gyoza Garlic Chives & Red Pickled Ginger (refreshing taste of red pickled ginger)

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1 box (20 pieces) JPY926 (excluding tax)