2023 Special

Osho sandals


“Osho sandal” is a thick-soled sandal with soft thongs designed to be comfortable for walking. The chief priest of a Buddhist temple, generally called “Osho-san” in Japan, actually imagined the ideal footwear (sandals) for cleaning the temple and designed them.
In Buddhism, it is said that there are 108 worldly desires that come to people’s minds to cause human suffering. The priest, who designed this sandal, humorously applied 108 (the number of worldly desires) non-slip surfaces to the motif of stepping stones. The sole on the back uses the tread pattern of a motorcycle tire. The unique patterned sole is non-slip and provides firm support for your feet. This comfortable footwear is a collaboration between Osho and a tire manufacturer.
Since ancient times, Japanese thong footwear has been said to have the effect of leading to an ideal way of walking, and it also helps to straighten the spine and improve the health of the legs. The thong strap of the sandal is made of cotton, so it does not hurt your toes. The heel part is thick for ease of walking and in order that the hem of long pants do not drag. It is a simple and stylish design that is easy to incorporate into Western clothing as well as Japanese clothing. The 108 non-slip protrusions on the surface stimulate the soles of your feet comfortably and can be easily washed with water for cleanliness. These sandals are comfortable and can be used for a long time.

YONEMARU SHOJI Inc. (大阪府池田市)

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2023 Special Distinction Award (ANA Award)
Genre: Daily necessities


Two sizes
– Size 5 (24.5-26.5 cm)
– Size 6 (26.5-28.5 cm)


Six colors
– Wakatake (base), white (thong)
– Wakatake (base), khaki (thong)
– Indigo (base), white (thong)
– Indigo (base), navy (thong)
– Sumi (base), white (thong)
– Sumi (base), black (thong)

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JPY4,000 (excluding tax)