2023 Consecutive Gold

Sakura Magic Series


Combining latest techniques with traditional craftmanship cultivated since its founding in 1887, MARUMO TAKAGI has developed a new line of cups and glasses that magically transforms colors with temperature. When beverage chilled to 17 degrees Celsius or lower is poured into the cup, beautiful pink cherry blossoms bloom on the surface. The color turns back at room temperature, so the transformation can be enjoyed over and over again. Taking the world-famous cherry blossom motif that is close to the hearts of the Japanese people, the series portrays the beautiful spring scenery of Japan. The flat sake cup is made from Mino ware, a local specialty of Tajimi city, with hopes to introduce the fine ceramics to the world and contribute to regional vitalization. The lineup has a total of five types of cups and glasses, including free glass and tumbler, so that you can experience the effect with any type of drink. As both domestic and overseas travels and events are limited due to recent social situations, enjoy the beauty of the Japanese cherry blossoms even from home.


2023 Consecutive Gold Awards
Genre: Daily necessities
Gold Award winner for two consecutive years from 2022 to 2023


Five types:
– Flat sake cup pair set (ceramic)
– Tenkai glass pair set (glass)
– Free glass pair set (glass)
– Champaign glass pair set (glass)
– Tumbler pair set (glass)

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY3,000 – JPY5,000 (all excluding tax)
– Flat sake cup pair set: JPY3,000
– Tenkai glass pair sent: JPY3,000
– Free glass pair set: JPY3,000
– Champaign glass pair set: JPY5,000
– Tumbler pair set: JPY5,000