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Nature Holdings Co., Ltd. (Osaka)

Co-developed by Kagome, Japan’s leading food company specialized in vegetable and fruits products, and Nature Supplement that provides products for department stores, SOUP BEAUTE offers a series of delicious soups created with a particular focus on the ingredients without thought of profit. The exquisite taste of each soup achieved by slowly simmering plenty of vegetables and beans with careful attention compares favorably with branded soups from luxury hotels.
There are three types of soup: minestrone with a pleasant acidity and rich taste of tomatoes and full of flavors of vegetables; creamy spinach potage with a mild spinach taste accented with natural cheese; and the sweet and savory pumpkin potage with rich milk flavor that spreads inside the mouth. Each soup is made with 9 to 13 kinds of vegetables and beans, which not only makes the soup delicious but also lets you consume the recommended servings of vegetables per day with just one pack. It has also acquired the LOCABO mark, which encourages low-carbohydrate diet, so can also be enjoyed by those needing to cut sugar intake with peace of mind. Simply warm the soup in a microwave or by boiling water, or it can also be served as is.
The company is proud to present their carefully-made soups, which have impressed many customers who tried for the first time by how tasty vegetables can be.

Nature Holdings Co., Ltd. (大阪府大阪市)

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2023 Grand Gold Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Three kinds
– Minestrone with 13 kinds of vegetables and beans
– Pumpkin potage with 9 kinds of vegetables and beans
– Creamy spinach potage with 11 kinds of vegetables and beans


200 g × 5 packs

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JPY2,975 (excluding tax)