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Kyono Marumaru Matcha Milk Manju

Tsuruya Chousei Co., Ltd. (Kyoto)

This is a manju, a traditional Japanese flour-based pastry, with rich flavor of matcha green tea, sprinkled with a sense of Kyoto. Tsuruya Chousei is a Japanese confectionery with a long history. The owner was allowed to use the brand name “Tsuruya” after having completed an apprenticeship and training at Tsuruya Naganobu, a confectionery established during Genroku era (1688-1704). Today, Tsuruya Chosei has two stores, in Uzuhata and Arashiyama in Kyoto City. While preserving the traditions and techniques, it continues to explore new possibilities of the sweets from Kyoto.
Not sacrificing the quality, the confections produced by the company only use Kyoto’s unique specialties such as Uji matcha, white miso and yuzu citrus as well as carefully-selected ingredients from all over Japan. Each ingredient is then processed with a unique method to maximize each flavor one by one by skilled artisans to offer distinctive sweets including traditional sweets inspired by the seasons of Kyoto.
This round-shaped matcha milk manju is also made using highly-fragrant Uji matcha with rich flavor in abundance. While letting you savor the distinctive rich flavors of the green tea, the dough and the bean paste have a gentle taste with a hint of milk.
The light taste and the lingering aftertaste of matcha and the sweetness of milk make you feel tempted to have another one.
The round shape signifies “harmony” and “amicable settlement,” so this manju is also imbued with the company’s hope that it would be an ideal gift to create unbreakable bonds and ties between your loved ones that you can cherish for many years to come.

Tsuruya Chousei Co., Ltd. (京都府京都市)

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Genre: Food/Drink

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JPY640 – JPY4,404 (all excluding tax)
3 pieces: JPY640
5 pieces: JPY1,050
8 pieces: JPY1,680
10 pieces: JPY2,304
15 pieces: JPY3,354
20 pieces: JPY4,404