2023 Gold

Ten&O Art+Craft Wood Plate Collection

TENOU CO., LTD. (Hiroshima)

The Ten&O Art+Craft wooden plates that feature cute animals such as cats as well as landscapes were created in collaboration with Ms. Junko Tsutsumi, a popular illustrator based in Hiroshima, by making use of wood scraps generated in the manufacturing process of furniture and other products. Produced by a woodworking factory that has been in business for 47 years in Hiroshima city, Ten&O is a wooden product brand that offers several items focused on the concept of being friendly to both people and the environment.
Made from natural wood scraps, the grains of the wood of the items differ from one another. Each piece is handmade with care and respect for the trees. Printed with a UV inkjet printer, the illustrations are resistant to abrasion. Also, the surface is coated so that you can write on it with oil-based permanent markers without bleeding, which makes the products suitable for use as a message card as well. The colorful illustrations match perfectly with the simple, natural grains and texture of the wood. The product can be used as a coaster, accessary case, smartphone tray or a decoration and the happy animals with full belly and adorable cats will jazz up your dining table and office desk while healing your mind.
The wooden plates are small, lightweight and reasonably priced, which are ideal as small gifts for various occasions. The natural wood product is not only pleasant to the touch, but the visuals of the wood grain is also said to have calming effects. These “cool & cute” Ten&O Art+Craft wooden plates will surely add a distinctly Japanese vibe to your space.

TENOU CO., LTD. (広島県広島市)

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2023 Gold Award
Genre: Daily necessities


‘- Nekomamire series (eight items)
Belly pose
Cats sleeping together
Melty (white)
Melty (black)
Shomonraifuku (long plate)
A white cat stretching (long plate)
A black cat stretching (long plate)

– Manpuku series (10 items)
Sea otter (brown)
Sea otter (light blue)
Sea otter (navy)
Sea otter (purple)

– Hiroshima series (two items)
Hiroshima tanuki
Hiroshima panda

– Wooden postcard (four items)

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY850 – JPY1,800 (all excluding tax)

– Nekomamire series JPY900
– Nekomamire series (long plate) JPY1,800
– Manpuku series JPY850
– Hiroshima series JPY900
– Wooden postcard JPY850