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Re・De Hairdry

A-Stage Inc. (Tokyo)

Re De Hairdry is a hair dryer that achieves both quick-drying and hair care performance. As lightweight as the latest smartphones, it weighs only 255 g. Used on a daily basis, the dryer minimizes the burden on the hand, making it stress-free and comfortable. In order to achieve Japan’s top-class wind speed and air volume, the manufacturer, A-Stage, developed an original slim body structure and nozzle. The shape of the dryer required a slim cylindrical shape based on hydrodynamics, while the nozzle has a shape that controls powerful wind over a wide range. The body and nozzle have been developed through a series of verifications at the 1 mm unit level. Due to the shape of this nozzle, the wind immediately reaches the hair roots and improves quick-drying performance by loosening hair during drying. It can be used as a hands-free hair dryer using the dedicated stand, and the design is comfortably arranged into the washbasin and dresser, which is an added major feature. In addition, the product has only two control buttons for ease-of-use.
The important thing in hair care is shortening the time for hair being wet to suppress the growth of bacteria. This negative iron hair dryer suppresses the heat burden and static while enhancing quick-drying performance with a strong airflow, resulting in maintaining a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

A-Stage Inc. (東京都港区)

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Three colors
– White
– Black
– Hygge Gray

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JPY27,000 (excluding tax)