WACO Kabushiki Kaisha (Tokyo)

GORO MEMO is an original goods creation service that offers everyone the joy of creating their favorite memo pads. You can easily create a notepad with an image printed on the side just by uploading an image to the company’s website. Through its main business of on-demand printing, WACO is working to protect resources and the global environment through multiple-item, small lot production. On-demand printing is a method of printing digital data directly. Since it eliminates the process of making a printing plate, which is common in conventional printing methods, on-demand printing has the benefits of a reasonable price even with a small number of copies, no inventory and eco-friendliness. Through these efforts, the company keeps on trying to contribute to the reduction of environmental burden and the realization of a sustainable society. This product has 800 sheets, so people can use it without the hesitation of wasting paper. The company chose a simple plain memo paper so that people can use it in various situations such as scribbling while talking on the phone, writing notes while thinking about what to buy and sending a message. Of course, the notepad not only serves as a memo pad, but also the sense of “wanting to be a favorite item that can make people’s life more colorful.” It is a notepad that can be put on your office desk, entrance, living room or anywhere you want.

WACO Kabushiki Kaisha (東京都千代田区)

2022 Award
Genre: Daily necessities

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One-sided printed design JPY1,640
Two-sided printed design JPY1,720
Three-sided printed design JPY1,800
(All excluding tax)