YOSHIMASA Co., Ltd. (Kanagawa)

Extreme Silk DuRē is a series of high-functional scarves that combine Japan’s silk technology and history of Yokohama City. While maintaining the silk’s natural breathability and moisture retention properties, the company has succeeded in producing washable silk by creating a special, durable fabric and applying the abrasion-resistance Hyper Guard silk processing technology in cooperation with long-established companies around Japan. The scarf has a grommet so that it can be easily wrapped around the neck. Also, the fabric is flame-resistant, which makes it also ideal for various outdoor activities.
The company, which was initially engaged in the wholesale business for the domestic market, launched the Feuille De Cocoon brand in 2021 with the aim of reviving the tradition of Yokohama Scarves, which once flourished as a local industry. Extreme Silk DuRē, the first series introduced from the brand, features patterns used for the scarves exported to the world approximately 60 years ago that are now preserved by the Yokohama City. While added with a modern twist, the designs also pay homage to its golden age in 1970s when about half of the scarves sold in the world were exported from the city.

YOSHIMASA Co., Ltd. (神奈川県横浜市)

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2022 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


Six types, seven colors

– 500001 #Crystal nature (Green, Yellow)
– 500002 #Key of life (Brown)
– 500003 #Mountain message (Beige)*

– 500004 #African vivid (Navy)
– 500005 #Bright day (Gray)
– 500006 #Botanical life (Khaki Green)*

*Not included in the archive designs

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- DuRē110: JPY21,818 (excluding tax)
– DuRē55: JPY 10,000 (excluding tax)