KAORU Japanese Fragrance Watch

Maruzeki Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

Produced by Maruzeki Co., Ltd., Kaoru is a wristwatch that emits a faint scent unique to Japan. Not only the scenery and other visual elements, but the scents and the atmosphere of the place also take you back in time to some fond moments of the trip. Through the product, the company aims at promoting Japan’s craftsmanship and technology along unique scents associated with the country to the world.
The band applied with special processing is infused with subtle, nostalgic and elegant scent that was blended originally, reminding you of Japanese sceneries. Japan-inspired scents have calming effects while stimulating both the senses of sight and smell of the wearer. In addition, Japanese patterns are sprinkled throughout the watch itself and the package. Made in Japan, the watches come with a repair service so that they can be worn and loved for a long time.

– Sakura: The subtle hint of cherry blossoms celebrating the arrival of spring that gently cuddles you up
– Matcha: A popular tea in the world for its refreshing bitter taste
– Hinoki: The scent of Japanese cypress has been cherished in Japan over 1,300 years for its insect deterrence benefit and soothing effect
– Tsubaki: The elegance of camellia flowers symbolizes unobtrusive beauty
– Yuzu: The citrus fruit is familiar for its flavor and aroma, which has long been used in Japanese cuisine
– Waboku: The refreshing nice smell you can feel when polishing Japanese sumi ink
– Jinko: An incense-like relaxing aroma

Maruzeki Co., Ltd. (東京都文京区)

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2022 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Original series: 7 types
Sakura, Matcha, Hinoki, Tsubaki, Yuzu, Waboku, Jinko

– Japan local series: 12 types
Mt. Fuji White
Mt. Fuji Blue
Manekineko White
Oda Nobunaga Blue
Sanada Yukimura Red
Tokyo White
Tokyo Gray
Choju-jinbutsu-giga (animal-person caricatures) Pink
Maiko Red
Maiko Pink
Osaka Black
Osaka White

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- Original series JPY3,200 (excluding tax)
– Japan local series JPY3,600 (excluding tax)