Set of premium Akita Beef meat sauce and Noshiroccine pasta

butchrno (Akita)

The set contains special 100% Akita Beef meat sauce produced by the chef of a pasta restaurant “Butchrno” in Akita City and “Noshiroccine” udon pasta made by arranging the manufacturing method of Akita’s traditional Noshiro Udon noodles. In hope of bringing smiles to people amid the prolonged self-restraint lifestyles due to COVID-19 pandemic by offering a luxury dining experience, the product was born through a collaboration between the restaurant chef and the long-established Nabeya Noodle Manufacturing.
Being the third largest rice producer in Japan after Niigata and Hokkaido, Akita Prefecture boasts an abundance of rice for the cattle to feed on. Akita Beef, which comes from cattle raised on rice feed, has a strong umami flavor as well as an incredible fat that melts in your mouth. Made using umami-rich Akita beef abundantly, the meat sauce, while being a retort, lets you enjoy the taste of a restaurant. Because it is handmade in the restaurant without adding chemical seasonings and additives, only about 150 servings can made per week.
Developed by a long-established Noshiro udon noodle shop, Noshiroccine udon pasta is a new product made by applying the traditional manufacturing method of the udon noodles. The resulting product has a unique springy texture that combines the characteristics of both udon noodles and pasta. The flat shape resembling Fettuccine pasta that collect more sauce goes perfectly with the meat sauce.
Although it may be on a pricy side, each package is made with much care for the customers from the selection of the ingredients to the manufacturing process, enabling to fully enjoy the taste of Akita.

butchrno (秋田県秋田市)

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2022 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Set contents:
– Premium Akita beef meat sauce x 1 (150 g)
– Noshiroccine pasta x 1 (100 g)

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY2,000 per set (excluding tax)