Kanazawa Chicken Curry

FOOD・ONE Co., Ltd. (Ishikawa)

Kanazawa Chicken Curry is made with delicious domestic chicken thigh meat. FOOD ONE Co., Ltd. was born as a company that develops and sells commercial-use frozen food products that use chicken as the main ingredient, and the company strives every day to develop products that will please consumers. This product is a retort-pack curry representative of the “soul food” of Kanazawa Curry in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, where the company is located. The three distinctive characteristics of Kanazawa curry are: 1) the roux is rich and thick; 2) the portion will cover the entire rice with shredded cabbage as a garnish; and 3) the curry is served on a stainless-steel boat-shaped plate with a spoon or a fork.
The chicken that the company uses in the ingredients is called “Oyadori” (parent chicken) that is bred for more than 750 days, which is about 15 times longer as breeding days for chicken (broiler) normally distributed. It is generally said that chicken meat gets more delicious after a longer period of breeding time and brings out its unique taste as you chew and savor it in your mouth. The company developed this juicy taste to match the rich roux, which is the most distinctive feature of Kanazawa curry. By retort-packaging, people can eat Kanazawa’s soul food wherever they are in the world. FOOD ONE takes pride in and hopes that people enjoy the curry sauce containing spicy roux with a fruity sweetness that blends perfectly with chicken.

FOOD・ONE Co., Ltd. (石川県金沢市)

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2022 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


1 package 200 g

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‘- 3 package set JPY2,259 (excluding tax)
– 6 package set JPY4,518 (excluding tax)