Aged beef tongue slices seasoned with salt from Sanriku Miyako


This special product uses beef tongue aged with unique method in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, which is famous for its local specialty “gyutan,” or sliced beef tongue grilled over charcoal. Founded over 70 years ago as a meat shop in Miyako City in Iwate Prefecture, Hamashoku Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to deliver the real taste of Sendai’s beef tongue ever since the company established its factory in Sendai in 2016.
Beef tongue is best served with salt. In search of a delicious salt, Hamashoku finally found its ideal salt in Miyaku Sanriku, where the company originated from. The natural salt from Sanriku Miyako is mild in taste, moist and easily soluble. Offshore Sanriku Miyako at the crossroads of the warm current flowing from the South, or Kuroshio (Black Current), and the Oyashio (Parental Tide) cold subarctic ocean current is regarded as one of the world’s three major fishing grounds. The salt used in the product is made by removing impurities from the seawater rich in minerals and boiling it slowly in a flat pot.
Each of the well-selected beef tongues is cut by skilled artisans with great care so as not to break the meat fibers, which is then sprinkled with salt by hand in perfect balance. Particularly, the company focused on bringing out the full umami flavor and unique tenderness of the beef tongue by seasoning it with natural salt and leaving for two days to age. Made only with one desire in mind to offer the most delicious beef tongue, it lets you savor the deep umami flavor unique to the beef tongue paired with the mild seasoning achieved with the salt blessed with nature of Sanriku Miyako.

HAMASHOKU CO., LTD. (岩手県宮古市)

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2022 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


200 g

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JPY1,500 (excluding tax)