Noto Mizu Yokan

Noto jyounetu wagashiten Sugimori (Ishikawa)

Noto Mizu Yokan is a Japanese jelly made with spring water and natural salt from Noto in Ishikawa Prefecture. The red bean paste, or “anko,” is made entirely in-house from the selection of the best beans from Hokkaido. In this way, it allows them to pursue the ideal fineness of the particles of the anko bean paste. Also, it uses a blend of three types of agar-agar, which is rare in other products. The resulting mizu yokan has a texture that is firm when scooped with a spoon but vanishes once you put it in the mouth leaving a refreshing sweet flavor. The water used comes from a spring overflowing deep within the mountains of Noto, which some people even come from afar to fetch it. Also using natural salt sourced locally, the mizu yokan is truly unique to Noto.
Mizu yokan is a classic Japanese sweet that is made by setting the red bean paste with agar-agar so anyone can easily make. But because it is simple, attention to detail, care and sincerity make a big difference in perfection. Embodying the spirit of “ichigo ichie,” a Japanese phrase meaning that every encounter is once in a lifetime, the Noto Mizu Yokan is made meticulously from the selection of the ingredients with time and effort to offer a product that the company can be proud of.

Noto jyounetu wagashiten Sugimori (石川県七尾市)

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2022 Award
Genre: Food/Drink

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12 pieces JPY2,833
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