NAKASHOSHIKO Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

This product is made entirely of paper, including the cover, the paper inside and binding, making it safe, pleasing to the touch and environmentally friendly. NAKASHOSHIKO Co., Ltd. is a bookbinding company in downtown Tokyo with the philosophy of “creating a bookbinding future that is friendly to both people and the Earth.” With the keyword “from metal to paper,” the company has been trying to create environmentally friendly products, and has also developed bookbinding techniques and materials. In 2005, the company developed and obtained a patent for a 100% recyclable paper ring made of paper, and based on this technology, the paper staples were developed in 2010. Focusing on the flexibility and strength as metal staples of “mizuhiki” cords, which are made by cutting paper into thin strips that are twisted and hardened with water glue coating, the company has succeeded in developing this technology that allows binding paper with the same shape as a wire stapler. The saddle-stitch binding used in magazines and pamphlets uses metal wires for the fasteners, but this product is bound with paper staples, so it can be sorted for recycling. It is safe to use even in homes with small children.
For the paper in the notebook, NAKASHOSHIKO used colored high-quality paper (pre-colored with dyes) with a wide variety of colors. Each paper has a name, many of which are derived from the gentle colors that exist in nature. The cover of the notebook is designed with the motif of the “color name” of the paper used. The company would like to continue to contribute to society through the development of products and technologies that have a low environmental impact by disseminating Japanese culture to the world through our universal notebook.

NAKASHOSHIKO Co., Ltd. (東京都江東区)

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2022 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


3 different color notebooks in 1 set in a special paper case
Blue (with motif of water, loquat and silver gray)
Yellow (with motif of lemon, Japanese rose and chive)
Pink (with motif of salmon, peach and gentian)
・Text body (inside material)
9 colors (water, loquat, silver gray, lemon, Japanese rose, chive, salmon, peach and gentian)
*60 pages per notebook/A5 size

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY1,500 (excluding tax)