Ukibori Masu Carved Cup

Kodamakogyosyo Co., Ltd. (Gifu)

Ukibori Masu Carved Cup is a distinctly Japanese product created through the collaboration of the traditional wooden masu cup and a woodcarving artisan of the historic floats of Osaka’s Danjiri Festival. Masu is a measuring cup for rice and sake that has been used by the Japanese people since ancient times, and today it is also an essential item for various celebrations. Character woodcarving is a craft accomplished by the third-generation head of Kinoshita Chokoku Kougei, a woodcarving company with skills passed down over 80 years. The ukibori (relief carving) characters are carved onto hinoki cypress and comes in three traditionally auspicious characters of Japan: Iwai, Kotobuki and Fuku. The texture of its outline is craftsmanship that can only be expressed by Kodamakogyosyo. The manufacturing of the wooden masu cup is done individually by hand at a factory in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture, the leading masu production area in the country. The masu’s material is hinoki cypress produced in Japan, mainly hinoki from the Kiso area, which is presented to gods of the famous Ise Jingu Shrine. The woodwork processing precision is at 1/10 mm, and finished at 7.5 mm concavity and 7.6 mm convexity. Which means, they are joined by flattening 0.1 mm wood. This technique allows for the cup to be leakproof. The Ukibori Masu Carved Cup is the highest quality product combining Japanese techniques and traditions: the wooden masu cup and ukibori characters, and is only offered at Kodamakogyosho’s Masu Honpo shop.

Kodamakogyosyo Co., Ltd. (岐阜県大垣市)

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2022 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Three types of characters
– Kotobuki (happy occasion)
– Iwai (celebration)
– Fuku (good luck)


Size: 1 go masu (wooden sake cup)
Outer size: 83 mm x 83 mm x 55 mm

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY800 (excluding tax)