Japanese sword-shaped paper knife

airprotection Co., Ltd. HITOFURI project (Osaka)

This unique paper knife is made by a real swordsmith from genuine tamahagane steel, the same material as a Japanese katana sword. Hammering and forging the tamahagane one by one by hand creates a rustic feel, and the blade’s beautiful flowing curve is formed as a result of folding the steel during the forging process. Among the numerous swords around the world, the Japanese katana is known for the distinctive grain on the blade produced from folding and forging together different materials like the tamahagane. The cord on the handle is also made to replicate the Japanese katana, with a decorative coin accessory designed like the sword mounting, so the overall design is close to an authentic sword. In addition, unlike conventional paper knives or utility knives which are used with a pushing motion, this paper knife should be cut in a pulling motion, just like a real Japanese katana. Try cutting a piece of paper with this knife, and experience the realistic “pull and cut” of a katana. The handle has a dimple where you can place your pointing finger for added functionality. This product is a true culmination of Japan’s traditional techniques.

airprotection Co., Ltd. HITOFURI project (大阪府大阪市)

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2022 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


Paper knife – Total length: Approx. 20 cm – 22 cm
Sword stand – Exterior measurements (width x depth x height): Approx. 7.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 5 cm


10 colors total (handle)
– Yukitomoshibi (snow light): White
– Ginkasumi (silver fog): Gray
– Suzuzora (cool sky): Light blue
– Sakurakanade (cherry blossom music): Pink
– Fujishidare (hanging wisteria): Light purple
– Kohaku (amber): Yellow
– Hagakure (hiding in leaves): Green
– Yoiakane (evening light): Red
– Edomurasaki (Edo purple): Purple
– Shingetsu (new moon): Black


Product contents:
– HITOFURI Japanese sword-shaped paper knife
– Specially made sword stand
– HITOFURI original paulownia box

*The URL provided this time is for the crowdfunding site, however the brand site will be completed in mid-September. Shipping outside of Japan is also being considered.

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JPY53,800 (excluding tax)