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basislab Table-Scissors

basislab, Inc. (Niigata)

The basislab Table-Scissors is an all-stainless steel, take-apart kitchen scissors that makes a stylish addition to the kitchen or dining table. The product was jointly developed by basislab based in Tsubame-Sanjo of Niigata Prefecture, a hub of stainless steel manufacturing, and scissors artisans of Seki in Gifu Prefecture, a town famous for cutlery production. Following the minimalistic aesthetic deeply rooted in the Japanese people, the product eliminated as much unnecessary features as possible and focused on these four functions: 1) stable cut and durability, 2) lightweight for easy handling and optimal size that is not too big, 3) shape and structure to allow easy cleaning and sanitary use, and 4) functional for both cooking preparation and dishing out foods after cooking. As the name Table-Scissors implies, the most recommended use is to dish out and serve foods at the dining table. The scissors blades placed underneath the handle allows for easy insertion in between the food and the plate, and the handle does not get in the way when cutting. Moreover, you can smartly cut up and serve foods even on delicate plates you wouldn’t want to damage with a knife. Taking it apart is easy just by opening and closing, and the all-stainless steel, single piece structure with no joints means it can be wholly washed for sanitary use, so it is also great for outdoor activities.

basislab, Inc. (新潟県燕市)

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Genre: Daily necessities


1 type only
Overall length approx. 180 mm, weight approx. 90 g

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JPY5,900 (excluding tax)