2022 Gold

Set of 15 Uchipac retort-packed side dishes

UCHINO CO., LTD. (Hyogo)

This set of 15 retort-packed food is a revolutionary product that allows you to store and carry around at room temperature various “osozai,” or daily delicatessens that are essential to Japanese homemade food culture. Established in 1975 in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, Uchinoya has been dedicated to deliver truly safe, secure and delicious delicatessens. While we generally do not use food additives to prevent food from spoiling when cooking at home, food that can be stored for long periods of time without spoiling is becoming the definition of a “safe and secure” food. With this in mind, Uchinoya has set its own standard to produce safe and secure food in the true sense.
Due to its short shelf life and thus being not suitable for long distance transportation, osozai dishes are usually distributed and consumed only in Japan. However, the company has realized long-term preservation at room temperature without using additives thanks to the aseptic packaging using high-temperature sterilization. This way, Japanese osozai dishes can be enjoyed easily anywhere in the world while long-term storage at room temperature also enables eating balanced meals anytime, anywhere. In addition, no preservatives, coloring agents or other additives other than seasonings are used in the cooking process to bring out the nutritional value, texture and taste of the ingredients as much as possible so as to deliver healthy dishes to the customers.
In 2021, Uchinoya’s initiatives received the UN Pacific Rim Institute for Development & Education SDGs Award as one of the best companies that promote the SDGs in Japan.

UCHINO CO., LTD. (兵庫県西宮市)

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2022 Gold Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Total of 15 side dishes
– Beef tendon and konnyaku stew (110 g)
– Braised pork belly (120 g)
– Teriyaki chicken (one piece)
– Stewed hamburger steak (with tofu) and original sauce (one piece)
– Salt-grilled salmon (one piece)
– Simmered mackerel (one piece)
– Ingredients for Uchinoya beef bowl (120 g)
– Simmered beef and burdock root (Shigure-ni) (100 g)
– Cooked bamboo shoots and vegetables (110 g)
– Braised chicken and vegetables (Chikuzenni) (110 g)
– Meat and potatoes stewed in soy-based sauce (Nikujaga) (125 g)
– Simmered hijiki seaweed with five kinds of vegetables (Gomoku hijiki) (110 g)
– Simmered chicken and soybeans (120 g)
– Simmered soybean pulp (unohana) and various vegetables (100 g)
– Simmered kiriboshi daikon (110 g)

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Set of 15 retort-packed side dishes JPY5,185 (excluding tax)
*15 kinds, one piece each