dritto 2

PLOWS Co., Ltd. (Iwate)

dritto2 is a small and slim wallet that has solved the problems of the compact wallets. Smaller wallets are gaining popularity in the cashless age. However, cashless payment has yet to become standard in Japan and cash or multiple cards are still needed on many occasions. Although there are many compact wallets available, slim wallets often face problems such as cards and coins slipping off and bills need to be folded. Also, they tend to have a casual style which may not be suitable for business scenes. This product was developed with the aim of solving all such problems. At the same time as creating the construction that solves the problems, it was designed to hide what are stored inside when opening it. The resulting wallet has a 91mm-wide compact square shape that can hold 10 bills, 15 coins, nine cards and one key. It allows you replacing your current wallet without having to reduce the contents. dritto2 is a perfect option that fits today’s lifestyle in Japan.

PLOWS Co., Ltd. (岩手県奥州市)

2022 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


Two types:
– Key type
– Flap type


Nine colors:
– Ortensia (Blue)
– Bone (Nume vegetable tanned leather)
– Cognac (Brown)
– Grigio (Khaki)
– Oliva (Green)
– R. Antico (Pink)
– Castagno (Dark brown)
– Nero (Black)
– Navy

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY17,100 (excluding tax)