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Produced by Bb Laboratories that has been devoted to deliver products that make your skin beautiful and lustrous over 25 years since its founding, Bb lab. is a skincare series made using placenta essence*1. The placenta is carefully extracted using a proprietary method based on biotechnology*2, which allows the extraction of only ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. Added with “triple amino*3,” a beauty ingredient effective in rejuvenating skin, the products also address aging skin issues. Bb lab. products only use placenta birthed naturally from healthy sows raised on contract farms in Japan, without causing any harm to the animal. In addition, thorough quality control checks are carried out at each production process. Placenta’s characteristic smell is kept intentionally as it is a proof that the extract is 100% pure. Also, a sealed glass bottles is employed for Placenta Extract lotion as it has been processed through high-pressure sterilization. Because the products are made using only minimal additives, they have strict use-by-date of within three months in the refrigerator after opening.
*1: Moisturizing agent
*2: Comparison with the company’s conventional production method 
*3: Amino acids, high molecular weight peptides and low molecular weight peptides contained in the placenta extract (moisturizing agent)


2022 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Five kinds
– Placenta Extract (30 ml/50 ml)
– Clear Oil Cleansing (145 ml)
– Moist Skin Washing Foam (100 g)
– Placenta Extract Water (150 ml)
– Placen Estrax Cream (30 g)

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- Placenta Extract (30 ml: JPY9,000; 50 ml: JPY13,500)
– Clear Oil Cleansing JPY3,200
– Moist Skin Washing Foam JPY3,800
– Placenta Extract Water JPY4,650
– Placen Estrax Cream JPY12,000
(All excluding tax)