Relax Leather Belt

NAGASAWABELT Industry Ltd. (Tokyo)

The Relax Leather Belt is so comfortable that you might forget you are wearing it. Aiming to create a comfortable belt that still puts genuine leather as the focus, the three-layer stretch structure was developed, wherein all aspects of the belt is made from leather, yet the strap itself elongates. The interlining in the core is made from double-weave rubber which is highly elastic, and both the outer and inner layers use the finest quality genuine leather that is both firm and soft, selected with the know-how gained through belt manufacturing. In this way, the belt stretches around 4 to 8 centimeters accompanying the waist pressure. The simple design enhances the quality of the leather. While fulfilling the belt’s role to support the waist, the product also stretches as a whole when pressure is applied to the abdomen, achieving a level of comfort like no other. The belt is perfect for professional drivers, those with jobs requiring a lot of getting up from the seat, and people with active lifestyles such as golfing and hiking.
The manufacturer is unwavering on the use of genuine leather. The material is a biproduct of the meat industry, and is more durable and lasts longer than other materials, which means less is disposed of and is ultimately eco-friendly and contributes to SDGs. The product comes with a lifetime guarantee, assuring that this belt is not an expendable item.

NAGASAWABELT Industry Ltd. (東京都葛飾区)

2022 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Men’s belt – Six types total
-Himeji smooth leather belt
Four colors: Black, Dark brown, Camel, Wine
Two sizes: Regular, Long

-Buckskin belt
Three colors: Black, Dark brown, Navy
Two sizes: Regular, Long

-Tochigi oil shrink leather belt
Three colors: Black, Dark brown, Navy
Size: Regular only

-Italian oil leather belt
Four colors: Black, Dark brown, Camel, Navy
Size: Regular only

-Italian shrink leather belt
Two colors: Black, Dark brown
Sizes: Regular, Long

-American oil leather belt:
Three colors: Black, Brown, Navy
Sizes: Regular, Long

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘-Himeji smooth leather belt: JPY10,000
-Buckskin belt: JPY10,000
-Tochigi oil shrink leather belt: JPY10,910
-Italian oil leather belt: JPY11,819
-Italian shrink leather belt: JPY11,819
-American oil leather belt: JPY11,819
(All excluding tax)