R+E Tumbler

Sanyoshi Lacquerware Co., LTD. (Fukushima)

Born in pursuit of a product that can both reduce the environmental burden while protecting people’s lifestyles, R+E Tumbler uses PLA biodegradable plastic as a material. Unlike some of the biodegradable plastics found in the market that are mostly comprised of petroleum-based materials combined with only a portion of components that facilitate degradation, PLA is 94% derived from natural ingredients such as sugarcane juice, corn starch and lactic acid bacteria. In spite of being made from plant materials, PLA is equally strong as petroleum-derived plastics while also offering the same usability. While the product allows long-term use in normal environment, once you place it in a compost bin, the active microorganisms will break down it and produce water and carbon dioxide in two to three months. R+E Tumbler is eco-friendly while also being a highly design-conscious product that is simple with a unique texture.

Sanyoshi Lacquerware Co., LTD. (福島県会津若松市)

2022 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Two types (S, L)


Three colors (White, Gray, Black)

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S JPY4,200 (excluding tax)
L JPY4,500 (excluding tax)