annieu series (Hiroshima)

The annieu series comes available in three types of hair ties, “annieu,” “sprial annieu,” and “annieu bold.” The bumps created by manually twisted rubber hold the hair without tangling them while enabling it to be removed smoothly. Therefore, it reduces the damage to the hair caused by hair tie. On top, they are colorfully designed by using multiple rubber bands. The simple design matches all scenes, while offering the functionality and comfort suited for everyday use. The colorful lineup can be also enjoyed as fashionable hair accessories. Also, the rhythmical combination of beautiful colors can be a casual alternative to bracelets.
The series was created through a trial and error by a hair stylist who has worked on different hair types of a number of customers and always wondered if there is a way to reduce hair damage caused by using hair ties every day, or if the designs can be more stylish and appealing to fashion-conscious customers. (広島県広島市)

2022 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Three types total
– annieu (M)
18 colors: Black, Navy, Beige, Tricolore, Ice Blue, Ice Green, Moss Blue, Moss Green, Light Purple, Deep Purple, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Light Brown, Deep Brown, Tetrad, Neon
– Spiral annieu (S)
Six colors: Panda, Thunder, Cherry, Vanilla Mint, Jelly Jelly, Chestnut
– annieu bold (L)
Three colors: Zen Black, Natural Beige, Trico Trico

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- annieu (M) JPY330
– Spiral annieu (S) JPY480
– annieu bold (L) JPY630
(All excluding tax)