Pickled Kikurage (Wood Ear Mushroom)

Kyueifarm Kabushiki Kaisha (Oita)

The farm is located in the rich natural environment of Kusu town in Oita prefecture, a beautiful area known as the “village of folktales” retaining its picturesque nature. The area is blessed with clear waters, with waterfalls and springs found all around such as the Mikazuki Waterfalls and Shimizu Waterfalls Garden. Nurtured in this favorable natural environment, the kikurage (wood ear mushrooms) produced in this area are unlike any other—soft and thick as earlobes with a plump texture. Hoping to introduce this delicious kikurage to more people, the farm created this pickled product using plenty of kikurage. The four tasty variations are the Standard (sweet flavor), Light (mild taste with a hint of spicy accent), Shiitake Mushroom Soy Sauce (dashi broth flavor made from generous amounts of shiitake mushroom soy sauce produced in Oita prefecture) and Ginger (refreshing ginger flavor).

Kyueifarm Kabushiki Kaisha (大分県玖珠町)

2022 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Four types total
– Standard
– Light
– Shiitake mushroom soy sauce
– Ginger

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JPY820 (excluding tax)