YOHEI’S SUSHIZU is a savory sushi vinegar expertly blended by sushi chef Yohei Tsuji over a period of 50 years. Made from top-grade domestic ingredients and manufactured in Kyoto, the sushizu (sushi vinegar) is well-known among professionals, impressing even Michelin-starred chefs. For instance, the exclusive Japanese cuisine restaurant Ichijoji Norihide in Kyoto has praised the product and uses it regularly as a seasoning ingredient. The optimal balance of sweetness and saltiness makes this blended vinegar a key ingredient for various dishes.
While made from a simple recipe of rice vinegar, beet sugar, mirin (sweet sake) and wasanbon sugar, YOHEI’s SUSHIZU contains approximately 10 times more magnesium and calcium and 1.5 times more potassium compared to standard sushi vinegar. Delicious shari (sushi rice) is easy to make for anyone: just mix the vinegar into freshly steamed rice. Furthermore, the sushi rice made with this product doesn’t harden the next day like regular sushi rice, and remains soft and tasty. YOHEI’s SUSHIZU has been highly acclaimed by many customers, not just for sushi, but for a variety of other foods as a versatile blended vinegar.


2022 Award
Genre: Food/Drink

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‘- 144 ml Individually boxed, JPY1,111
– 288 ml Black label with gold embossing, JPY2,315
– 288 ml White label with gold embossing, JPY2,315
(All excluding tax)