Blue Fusuma Japanese Sliding Door with Avant-Garde Calligraphy

MAT First-Class Architect Office Co., Ltd. (Gunma)

This one and only original product melds the intricate calculations of an architect and the sensitivity of calligraphy to create a completely unique scene that defies conventional space decorations. Since ancient times, Japanese architecture has had a custom of using dividers such as fusuma, shoji and partitions. Taking the traditional fusuma sliding doors, the product aims to propose a new method of expression and divide spaces beautifully. Architect Tomoyuki Tanaka collaborates with avant-garde calligrapher Uzuki to co-create this novel product, in which the traditional fusuma meets contemporary calligraphy, with hopes of introducing Japanese culture to both Japan and the world. Avant-garde calligraphy sets itself apart from the conventional notion of writing letters, through pursing the artistic form of letters using sumi ink, brush and paper. Furthermore, instead of the conventional black sumi ink, the architect suggested using blue pigments, inspired by the beautiful blue hue of the sky. The product is a culmination of the vision by the architect that is transpired into shape by the calligrapher.

MAT First-Class Architect Office Co., Ltd. (群馬県東吾妻町)

2022 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


Fully custom-made original product
How to order:
1) After receiving order, the company checks the installation location
2) Hearing of client’s request
3) Express the ideas in avant-garde calligraphy

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

Two panels single-sided: JPY200,000
Four panels single-sided: JPY340,000
Eight panels double-sided: JPY450,000
(All excluding tax)