AKASHI MEDETAIYA sea bream tasting set


With just a little effort, the tasting set lets you easily savor the tastes of the proud sea bream dishes of AKASHI MEDETAIYA— “Tai no kabutoni (simmered sea bream head),” “Tai no kobujime (kombu cured sea bream)” and “Taimeshi (sea bream rice).” Carefully cooked for 40 minutes, the store’s specialty “kabutoni” is famous for its unforgettable flavors. Just by microwaving, you can easily re-create the authentic flavors at home, which is perfect for serving with rice or to accompany drinks. Tai no kobujime lets you enjoy the natural taste of handmade dish just by serving it on a plate, while Taimeshi can be also prepared easily by simply pouring the broth and flaked sea bream in a rice cooker with rice. Serve with grilled sea bream and carrots cut into flower shape as toppings to enjoy a luxurious, sophisticated flavor. Selected by a specialist who handle over 2,500 sea breams a year, the store can stably purchase high quality Japanese sea breams that have a well-balanced amount of fat.
The Japanese word “tai” rhymes with “medetai” meaning happiness or auspicious. A selection of noshi papers (a traditional wrapping paper attached to gifts offered on festive occasions in Japan) is also available, making it a perfect gift.
The store is also carrying out efforts to achieve the SDGs based on the concept of “food” centered on sea breams, in hope that their products would help people contribute to the SDGs in their daily lives while enjoying simple yet authentic tastes.


2022 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


The set contains:
– Tai no kabutoni (simmered sea bream head)
– Tai no kobujime (kombu cured sea bream)
– Taimeshi (sea bream rice)

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JPY4,150 (excluding tax)
*Shipping JPY900 (extra charge for Hokkaido and Okinawa)