2022 Gold

Garlic chives with soy sauce from Oita, Japan

LogStyle Co., Ltd. (Oita)

Garlic chives have been used at the company’s restaurants, however, because it was a lot of work to get the dirt out and also to avoid adulteration, the stems had always been discarded. One day, one of their staff felt that it would be a shame to dispose them, and that is how “Inevitable chives with soy sauce” was created by using only the stems of garlic chives. The leaves of garlic chives are cooked and served to the customers at the restaurants and the stems are used for “Chives with soy sauce” where they are carefully washed, put into the jar with original soy sauce, specially blended for this product. Now, none of garlic chives parts are being discarded and the whole of the vegetable is used. “Everyone’s chives with soy sauce,” which not only uses the stem but the whole of garlic chives, and “Spicy chives with soy sauce” for those who love spicy food are added as a variation. The “Three kinds assorted gift box,” perfect as a present for those special ones, comes in a package designed based on the birth story of the products, and it was highly valued at the package design contest of Oita City, “Oita Design Aid 2021,” winning the top prize. These chives with soy sauce convey the dreams of the company which aims at contributing in rising the consumption of garlic chives, the local specialty. The company also strives to support the “responsible consumption and production,” one of the key targets of SDGs. Enjoy the flavors of the ultimate seasoning product just by dipping or pouring onto your dish.

LogStyle Co., Ltd. (大分県大分市)

2022 Gold Award
Genre: Food/Drink


‘- Single item
Inevitable chives with soy sauce (only stems of garlic chives are used) 150 g
Everyone’s chives with soy sauce (the whole of garlic chives is used) 170 g
Spicy chives with soy sauce (contains a large amount of chili pepper) 140 g

– Set
Three kinds assorted gift box: Three jars, 110 g each (comes with a shopping bag)

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- Single item JPY741 (excluding tax)
– Three kinds assorted gift box JPY3,000 (excluding tax)