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Waonko herbal heating pads

MavivRe CO., LTD. (Tokyo)

Waonko is a self-care product filled with warmth and Japanese aromas brought out by generously blending pesticide-free, domestically-grown herbs. By mainly using familiar woods such as Japanese cypress and Hiba, it creates a relaxed feeling as if you are taking a deep breath in a forest. Focused on using pesticide-free ingredients as well as waste materials, the company staff members actually visit the producers and select the best materials themselves.
Waonko is a product like no other, filled with many people’s thoughts and Japanese DNA. Products are meticulously handmade by mothers raising children, caregivers and people with disabilities, creating new employing opportunities. In addition, based on the concept of “a personal time to return to myself,” a therapist is engaged in the production. More often than not, those who are so busy with housework, childcare, caregiving, work, etc. looking after others, have no time to care themselves. Waonko was created in hope of offering these people an opportunity to realize the importance of taking care of themselves. With this in mind, the amount of aroma, texture, weight and size of the pads were all designed with meticulous attention to detail so that they can be easily used while doing housework, child-rearing or working. The company strives to offer products that encourage you to live your life for you, not for someone else.

MavivRe CO., LTD. (Tokyo)

2022 Gold Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Three types total
– For neck and shoulders
– For abdomen
– Eye pillow (Pink, Khaki)

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- For neck and shoulders JPY7,500
– For abdomen JPY6,000
– Eye pillow JPY3,000
(All excluding tax)