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Nihon Kindai Reiho (Japanese Etiquette for Modern Times)

Nihon Kindai Reiho (Tokyo)

Learn and experience the beautiful Japanese culture and mannerisms, following contemporary lifestyles while staying true to the traditional heart of the Japanese people valued over the years, and focusing on the modern expression of the spirit of omotenashi. The company was established with the aim to make best use of traditional Japanese mannerisms in the modern-day lifestyle. Lessons will be led by lecturers with a wealth of experience, such as one born in a historic sake brewer family and has over 30 years of close practice with Japanese culture, and instructors versed in tea ceremonies and Japanese flower arrangement.
Lessons include corporate trainings for service industry personnel such as hot spring inns and Japanese cuisine restaurants, as well as personal lessons on basic manners, using Japanese accessories, dressing in traditional attire and etiquettes in kaiseki course meals. In addition to hands-on training and experiences, there is also focus on helping participants learn the origins behind every action such as etiquette in eating and moving around Japanese rooms, so that they can be understood beyond the surface level, and the mannerism can be applied in each participant’s capacity.
Japanese mannerisms heavily reflect the notions of consideration for others and mutual concession. This is thought to have originated from fulfilling individual lives by respecting and cherishing the natural beauty of the four seasons, and the concept of nature represented by eight million gods and the generosity in accepting diverse values. These are notions important in this day and age, in which diversity is strongly promoted. The company’s mission is to introduce the quintessence of the globally acclaimed Japanese mannerisms to both the Japanese people and the world.

Nihon Kindai Reiho (東京都港区)

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‘- Introductory course: 6 lessons total *90 minutes per lesson
– Intermediate course: 6 lessons total *90 minutes per lesson
– Corporate training: 2 hours per lesson
*Foreign language lessons available
Available languages: English, Chinese

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- Introductory course: 6 lessons total – JPY60,000 (excluding tax)
– Intermediate course: 6 lessons total – JPY80,000 (excluding tax)
– Corporate training: Price depends on lesson contents