2022 Gold

Selected Seasoned Domestic Pork Loin Series (Misozuke/Marinade Sauce)


These are unheated processed meat products that use domestically-produced sliced pork loin seasoned with a variety of types of miso and sauces from different regions in Japan. JA Zen-Noh Meat Foods Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Federation of Agricultural Associations, aims to enhance the added value of domestic meat and contribute to maintain and expand the business of domestic livestock farmers. In order for many people to enjoy domestic pork, these products were developed using miso and sauce that are an indispensable part of everyday meals in Japanese dining. Miso and sauce are produced throughout Japan with types and flavors varying depending on the region. This series of products that offers the opportunity to enjoy domestic pork with various local flavors has been well received by customers, especially in recent times where travelling is difficult.
The product is also easy to prepare—all you need to do is take the meat out of the bag and cook it in a frying pan. Serve it with warm rice and a savory dinner is ready. Under the management philosophy of providing rich and valuable food that is safe and secure, the company is committed to develop products that bring out the best of Japan.


2022 Gold Award
Genre: Food/Drink


13 kinds total
– Sorachi Sauce (Hokkaido)
– Koh-Itten Miso (Hokkaido)
– Takasago Choju Miso (Miyagi)
– Chichibu Miso (Saitama)
– Yamaichi Shirokoshi Miso (Ibaraki)
– Niroku Miso (Chiba)
– Edo-Amamiso (Tokyo)
– Shinshu Miso (Nagano)
– Tonzuke (Kanagawa)
– Saikyozuke (Kyoto)
– Japanese apricot puree (Wakayama)
– Masuya Miso (Hiroshima)
– Kyushu Mugi Miso

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JPY398 (excluding tax)