2022 Gold


Sunrockhacci (Kumamoto)

Made by wrapping brown rice produced in Kumamoto prefecture in high quality knit fabric, this brown rice heating pad makes use of the moist heat to warm the body from to the core. When heated in a microwave oven, the brown rice retains heat for about 30 minutes, helping to relieve the knots in the body from cold temperature or fatigue. The 100% cotton fabric feels safe and soft to the touch, while also being treated with antibacterial and antiviral functional fiber processing technology. The steam from the brown rice warms your shoulders and lymph nodes around the clavicles, and can be reused many times.
Yamaga city in Kumamoto prefecture is a producer of quality brown rice, thanks to the temperature fluctuation and humidity caused by the landscape, and the natural spring water rich in minerals. However, when the brown rice is produced over the market demand, it becomes old rice and loses its value. The company transformed this surplus brown rice into a new product, creating a vision of the brown rice achieving its purpose without losing its value. Furthermore, the product helps to resolve the buried issue of old rice in the region, and leads to stimulating the cycles of nature. The product name YOHEHO (世へ歩) comes from the company’s hope for the product to ”walk into the world (世の中へ歩みだす)” to realize a future in which the natural cycle of humans and nature can thrive. The name is also derived from “Yoheho-bushi,” a local folk song of Yamaga. The company works with the mindset of watching over life from birth to aging amidst the natural providence on this Earth, for someone, for the nature.

Sunrockhacci (熊本県山鹿市)

2022 Gold Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Three types total
– Shoulder size (12 cm × 54 cm)
– Palm size (13 cm × 22 cm)
– Cushion size (30 cm × 33 cm)


Four colors total: Gray, Vintage Navy, White, Black

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- Shoulder size: JPY3,500
– Palm size: JPY1,964
– Cushion size: JPY5,400
(All excluding tax)