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Ebisuya Guest House

KAKURINSHOUJA Kabushiki Kaisha (Yamanashi)

Minobusan in Yamanashi Prefecture known as one of Japan’s three sacred Buddhist mountains is a popular power spot steeped in 800-year history, rich culture and nature. Located in the mountain is the historical Kuon-ji Temple, the head temple of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism. The town developed around the temple called monzenmachi is home to 30 temple lodges known as “shukubo” that offer visitors the opportunity to stay overnight in a temple.
Ebisuya can be found near the entrance of the town. Limited to one group per day, it is the only private villa in the area with its own hot spring bath. Nestled in a rich natural environment just two hours away from Tokyo, the guest house has been beautifully restored featuring a unique blend of traditional architecture and contemporary art. There is also a Japanese garden that lets you enjoy the scenic landscape varied with seasonal flowers surrounded by river and mountains, as well as a backyard with a sauna tent. Guests can choose from participating in several hands-on activities such as shakyo (sutra copying) on local washi paper, tea ceremony, sutra chanting and dressing in a kimono. In addition, it offers an easy access to retreat experiences such as hiking in Minobusan. It can be also a perfect destination for workation.
Most of the artworks in the building have been created by local artists. Particularly, the paintings on the fusuma sliding screens by a Buddhist statue restorer are a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
The meals prepared with local ingredients add an accent to your stay. Enjoy the local specialties such as fresh yuba (tofu skin) and vegetables, Japanese sake as well as the Kuon-ji Temple’s own craft “Ji (temple) beer.” Be sure not to miss the “Akebono soybean natto” made over three days by hand, which is also a favorite dish of guests overseas. Indulge yourself in a special holiday in this elaborate atmosphere featuring a true mixture of old and new cultures along with exquisite local cuisine and drinks.

KAKURINSHOUJA Kabushiki Kaisha (山梨県身延町)

2022 Gold Award
Genre: Accommodations

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‘- Entire house, one-night stay without meals (one group per day)
Weekdays JPY20,000 – JPY45,455 per person
Holidays JPY24,546 – JPY54,546 per person

– Options
Breakfast JPY2,728 per person
Dinner JPY7,273 per person
(All excluding tax)