2022 Gold

Hachimitsu Days


Produced by Akitayahonten, Japan’s oldest wholesaler in the beekeeping business, Hachimitsu Days is a sampler set of six special honey flavors with each having its own way of serving—for toast, yogurt, coffee, cheese, pancakes and curry, respectively. Most Japanese people have an image of honey being all the same and complain that they don’t know what to use honey for and that it usually comes in large amount making it hard to use it up all. With this in mind, the Hachimitsu Days series was created to allow more people to easily try out different flavors of honey by giving each type its own special way of eating, while also offering them in small quantities of about 100 g rather than in 500-1,000g containers commonly seen in Japan.
Taken its name from the word “honeymoon” that symbolizes one of the happiest moments in life, the brand is imbued with the company’s hope that customers select their products as a special gift to wish others happy days. The honey jars are wrapped with a paper, which is infused with the essence of omotenashi and represents Japan’s traditional aesthetic of wrapping valued items. In addition, the company has also paid attention to the design of the container and employs a jar that has a round shape on the inside to allow scooping honey easily until the end. The gift box is made of FSC-certified paper in consideration of the environment.


2022 Gold Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Six types
Yukishiro (for toast)
Lemon (for yogurt)
Coffee (for coffee)
Mikan (for cheese)
Kaede (for pancakes)
Curry (for curry)

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‘- Single item JPY640 (excluding tax)
– A set of 6 JPY3,992 (excluding tax)