“Made in TSUBAME” Certified Pure Titanium Tongue Cleaner


This product is a tongue cleaner made of pure titanium that effectively removes tongue fur that causes bad breath. Because it is a product to be used in the mouth, the company sought to deliver a high-quality and safe tongue cleaner by leveraging Japan’s world-renowned manufacturing technology. The tongue cleaner, weighting about 6 gm, is made one by one from a single titanium wire rod through the superior techniques of the craftspeople. Manufactured in the city of Tsubame in Niigata Prefecture boasting a long history of advanced metal processing technology dating back to the Edo Period, the product has obtained the “Made in TSUBAME” certification which is given as a proof that the product has passed strict quality and safety standards. The entire process is carried out through cooperation between experts in each field such as material selection, cutting/polishing, molding, plating and inspection to achieve a smooth and pleasant feel that only a quality product can offer. For the material which is a key factor that determines the usability, high-quality pure titanium is used as it has less metallic taste and is rust-resistant, making it also an environmentally friendly product that can be used semi-permanently. The minimal seamless design that allows for easy maintenance is the result of the excellent quality of the material and Tsubame’s high metal processing technology.


2021 Award
Genre: Daily necessities

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JPY3,619 (excluding tax)