Meiho Ham

Meiho Tokusanbutsukakou Kabushiki Kaisha (Gifu)

Since its foundation in 1988, the company has been dedicated to the manufacturing of Meiho Ham series using only quality and fresh domestic pork legs with a special manufacturing method. The method, known as “pressed ham,” is a meat processing method unique to Japan which makes meat products by bonding small pieces of meat. In 1953, the predecessor company began producing ham products using a ham pressing mold; since then, it has stayed true to the traditional method and tastes for 68 years.
Skilled artisans cut the pork legs into small pieces and thoroughly removes each tendon one by one. Then, the meat is diced and salted to mature for a week before being pressed using a mold. Mold filling is also done manually and because most of the processes cannot be mechanized, pressed ham can be only produced by a few companies in Japan. The resulting ham lets you savor the quality of the raw meat used for the ingredient while also having a familiar taste that somehow evokes a sense of nostalgia.
It goes without saying that safety of the ingredients and products is also well thought out. The company has obtained FSSC 22000 (Version 5.1), which is an international standard developed for the certification of Food Safety Management System, and oversees all process from procurement of ingredients, manufacturing to shipping of the products. Each employee takes pride and responsibility in delivering quality ham products and peace of mind to the customers.

The pressed ham processing method developed by Aizo Sato in 1953 has been inherited by Meiho Tokusanbutsukakou Kabushiki Kaisha founded in 1988 by the local community. Since then, the company has remained faithful to this traditional manufacturing method to deliver the unchanged tastes.

Meiho Tokusanbutsukakou Kabushiki Kaisha (Gifu)

2021 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Two types
Meiho Ham (360 g)
Mini Ham (240 g)

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Meiho Ham (360 g) JPY1,050 (excluding tax)
Mini Ham (240 g) JPY765 (excluding tax)