PENIVIA Co.,Ltd. (Osaka)

JURELACTO®︎ is an aging care serum developed to help alleviate the various stresses associated with modern lifestyles through the power of skincare. Ferment extracts, 11 types of plant extracts and four types of peptides care for fatigued skin, while the highly moisture-retaining ingredient derived from microorganisms surviving in the desert environment nourishes the skin. The fragrance, an original blend developed together with the perfumer from a long-standing fragrance manufacturer in Osaka, is made from natural essential oils centered around rosemary. The package was designed by a fashion designer trained in haute couture technology. The company hopes to offer tangible support toward the universal sense of aesthetics—healthful and beautiful—from Osaka, Japan with love.

PENIVIA Co.,Ltd. (Osaka)

2021 Award
Genre: Daily necessities

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JPY13,500 (excluding tax)