SuWashi Toe Socks

hatena kikaku (Ehime)

Ever experience clammy feet? If the SuWashi Toe Socks are worn on the inside of your favorite socks, they can minimize the moisture and ensure your feet are comfortable. Even though you would like to be barefoot, do you worry about leaving sweaty footprints on the flooring? When worn by themselves as half socks, the washi paper material and the separated five toes with the tips cut off creates a novel feeling of being almost barefoot and also works well when wearing sandals. Washi, or traditional Japanese paper, is known for its moisture absorbing and fast drying properties while also boasting a unique crisp texture. It is also an environmentally-friendly material. The SuWashi Toe Socks takes these advantages to resolve the concern many people have about their feet. The company aims to create a new norm in sock wearing by offering comfortable underwear for your feet.

Hatena Kikaku would like to suggest SuWashi Toe Socks to:
– People concerned about sweaty or clammy feet, and smell of socks
– Those who do not like the appearance of toe socks or the way the fabric is too taut on the toes
– Anyone wanting the novel experience of wearing washi on their feet

hatena kikaku (Ehime)

2021 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


Four colors: Off White, Light Brown, Mocha Brown, Dark Gray


Unisex (22-28 cm)

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

2 pairs per pack, JPY1,400 (excluding tax)