Tsukime Ware


Tsukime Ware is a series of glassware characterized by the unique process at the final stage of glassblowing, in which the inside of the molten glass is shaped in a single strong push. Niijima Island’s volcanic stone (Koga stone) contains 79% silicic acid, and the alumina, potassium and iron make it a great material to create hard and glossy glass with high surface durability, as well as give it a beautiful natural olive coloring. Evidence of the handicraft process is left as is, such as the spines like turbo sazae seashells fitting comfortably in the hand, and the smooth natural colored glass adding warmth to the otherwise tension-filled shape. Handcrafted with dynamic glassblowing techniques using the primitive and distinctive Niijima Glass, each item is completely unique and seem to tell their own story. Each item comes with a signature of the artist.


2021 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Six types
・Tsukime guinomi sake cup (large): D7 cm x H7.5 cm
・Tsukime straight glass: D5.5 cm x H11 cm
・Tsukime rocks glass: D9 cm x H9 cm
・Tsukime sazae cup: D7.5 cm x H10 cm
・Tsukime decanter: D8.5 x H18 cm
・Tsukime bowl: D13 cm x H7.5 cm

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY4,500 – JPY18,000 (all excluding tax)
・Tsukime guinomi sake cup (large): JPY4,500
・Tsukime straight glass: JPY4,500
・Tsukime rocks glass: JPY5,000
・Tsukime sazae cup: JPY5,000
・Tsukime decanter: JPY9,000
・Tsukime bowl: JPY18,000