Best of Tomatoes Series

Cercle CO., LTD. (Hokkaido)

The Best of Tomato Extract Clear Soup is made by extricating the most delicious part of tomatoes, and is also nicknamed “Crystal.” Why is it clear? That is thanks to techniques developed over nine years to successfully extract only the juice of the tomato. Backed by research and data, the clear soup has a wonderfully pure taste with heightened sweetness and tartness.
The Hearty Tomato Sour Gazpacho blends six different vegetables and can be enjoyed right out of the package as a chilled soup. Surprisingly, it is even tastier when fruits such as melon and watermelon are added.
The three types of Tomato Ketchups (Cherry tomatoes, Fruity tomatoes, Bonrisshu tomatoes) are all made using the same ingredients only changing the tomato variety, so you can taste the difference of the essence of each tomato.
The company continues to develop products under “Slash Zero,” a concept to keep all products completely additive-free, with a belief that safety and security in foods can be ensured ultimately by using good ingredients without using additives. Another feature of the products introduced here is that they can all be shipped without refrigeration. Also, instead of using glass jars for attractive merchandizing, the company opted to use the current packaging for reducing trash and to lower the risk of breaking during shipment. Furthermore, these products are all certified vegan.

Cercle CO., LTD. (Hokkaido)

2021 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Three types
・Best of Tomato Extract Clear Soup (contents: 120 g)
・Hearty Tomato Sour Gazpacho (contents: 120 g)
・Tomato Ketchup (contents: 120 g)
Cherry tomatoes, Fruity tomatoes, Bonrisshu tomatoes

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY500 each (excluding tax)