Shogado Co., Ltd. (Kyoto)

Tojihako is a new type of storage box born from the techniques of Japanese bookbinding. With the shift to remote working or free address working styles, we are spending more time at home. This box comes in handy for those who are looking for a space to store their personal items. The brand name is a coined word that combines “toji,” which represents two Japanese words meaning “binding” and “closing” respectively, with “hako” meaning box. It comes available in three sizes ideal for using as a pen holder, document case and for storing small items such as stapler, smartphone and cosmetics. All types are made the same width of 7 cm so that you can combine them freely. The boxes can be easily folded into a compact size with a single touch and can easily be carried. In addition to creating your own storage space at home, they are convenient to use in the office and in many other places as they can be assembled easily by simply unfolding the bottom plate.

Shogado Co., Ltd. (Kyoto)

2021 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Three types
– Tojihako 0707
– Tojihako 0714
– Tojihako 0721


Six colors
– Morocco Blue
– Morocco Orange
– Dot Gray
– Dot Yellow
– Sparrow Pink
– Sparrow Blue

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- Tojihako 0707 JPY1,600
– Tojihako 0714 JPY1,900
– Tojihako 0721 JPY2,000
(All excluding tax)