Slide Thumb

sion works Inc. (Tokyo)

Slide Thumb is an innovative business card holder that allows you to take out your card simply with the slide of your thumb without opening the cover. Putting away a card is also smartly done by just tucking it in the cover. Since the actions take less than a second, you won’t keep the other person waiting, and it is convenient when you want to make a great impression with a smart gesture, or when handing business cards continually to many people. In addition, if you accidently forget the other person’s name during a conversation, you can quickly and discreetly check by opening the cover, avoiding offending the other person.
Slide Thumb is extremely compact in size, just 3-4 mm thin and weighing around 16 g, and easily holds 20 standard business cards. It can be slipped in your bag, planner or wallet, so there is no stress in carrying it around and won’t let you miss chances to meet new people. The material is Japan-made single piece cowhide, and available in two types: the Hyogo-produced type with a fashionable hairline processing, and the world-renowned Tochigi Leather type. Both types are tanned with generous amounts of vegetable tannin, resulting in tightly woven fiber that makes the leather firm and supple, and good for aging. The entire production for each item, from the leather cutting to pretreatment, processing and sewing, are handled by Japanese artisans with meticulous care.

sion works Inc. (Tokyo)

2021 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


2 types
– Cowhide produced in Tatsuno city, Hyogo prefecture (Brushed)
Shikkoku (black)
Aomi (blue)
Fumon (yellow camel)
Bakusei (gray)
Sango (pinkish orange)
Kokekairo (green)

– Tochigi Leather (Saddle)
Nuregarasu (black)
Tetsunando (navy)
Yokan (dark brown)
Benihi (red)

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JPY7,200 (excluding tax)